Summer-ready nail polishes!💅🏼

Aloha Bambinos! How is everyone? I'm so ready for summer so today I thought I'd talk to you about some summer-inspired shades for your beach-ready manicure! If you enjoy, make sure to like, comment and follow! Mojito green! Whether it be bright or pastel, green is going to be a big nail colour this summer. … Continue reading Summer-ready nail polishes!💅🏼


March Favourites! 💕

Aloha Bambinos! How are you lovely people? Do you like the new theme and header image? I hope so 😬Also I've had a little revamp of my Instagram so go and check that out! There's a link in the sidebar 👉🏼 Anyway, today I'm going to be doing a long overdue post - my March Favourites! It's really … Continue reading March Favourites! 💕

Everything-But-Makeup Collection!! 💋💄

Aloha Bambinos! How are you all? Today I wanted to do a beauty collection with a difference! Nearly every blogger/youtuber has done a 'makeup collection' video or post, so I thought I'd do one, without the makeup! I'll be talking about my skincare, shower and bath, nails, scents/perfumes and anything else I think of. I'll try and … Continue reading Everything-But-Makeup Collection!! 💋💄